Caught on Film december 2-11, 2005
Anchorage International Film Festival  


Rabbits and Bears
A man in costume hands out leaflets to an indifferent public on a hot summer day. Curiosity arises when he meets a kindred spirit, a curiosity that will never be satisfied. Director's Statement: Expressing the mere fact of a situation is unsatisfying. The appearance of relationship is not relationship itself.

Rangeh Eshgh
The Color of Love

One week each year Iranians stay out all night. Women abandon legal curfews. Men weep. Communities gather to mourn their saint's death, ask that wishes be granted, give thanks for prayers answered. While this week showcases Iran's most restrictive religious elements, it offers openings for this culture's most intimate connections. Is a change in the perception of love inherently political because it affects individuals and their view of the world? As we follow three couples negotiating love, we learn freedom is not what we assume it is and love is more than we imagine it to be. Using the weeklong Ashura festival as a framework, THE COLOR OF LOVE documents the changing face of love and politics in the ancient city of Shiraz. As the older generation performs cathartic rituals, the city's youth are left to their own devices. They spend this time cruising the public squares, hoping for a sideways glance or a brief note from a potential lover. The film's 29-year-old, New York-based director investigates the way these shifting mores have surfaced in a culture entrenched in traditional values and how they have been influenced by western culture in the form of satellite television and the Internet. By interviewing different generations of Iranians, Keshavarz attempts to uncover how ideas of love, romance, marriage and sex have evolved in a society where politics and culture are inextricably linked.

Raspberry Bushes
A modern fable about sharing with a surprise ending.

An emaciated war criminal lives in filth as Death comes knocking on his door. From Frank Miller's Lost, Lonely, & Lethal comes a bone-chilling tale of revenge.

Raven Tales
The humorous misadventures of Raven and his friends at the beginning of the world. It is the first computer animated film based on Northwest Coast Aboriginal tales.

The Reader
What happens when the truth you know is not the truth you share? Can an act of great love be based in a lie?

After committing a bloody crime, Peter, a paramilitary, is confounded by a detective's questioning. An answer may offer redemption to both but threatens to condemn Peter to prison. Does he know the answer and will he say?

Red Fort
The most powerful army in the world meets its match at the Red Fort.

Red Planet Blues
A little Martian, longing for blue skies and singing birds, thinks his chance has come to hitch a ride to Earth when he spots a NASA rocket heading towards Mars.

The Hooded Merganser is a rare and reclusive duck found only in North America. Every spring, in the Great Lakes region, the wary hen lays and incubates her eggs in a nest high in the trees. Just 24 hours after hatching, the tiny ducklings must make the perilous leap to the ground below to begin life in the wild. This age-old rite is rarely observed by humans. 'Ride of the Mergansers' brings this hidden drama to the screen.Filmed entirely in northern Minnesota, 'Ride of the Mergansers' is a heartwarming blend of natural history, humor, and suspense. You'll be entertained, educated, and inspired - and leave with a newfound appreciation of the phrase 'leap of faith.'

The Right to Be Wrong
The Right to Be Wrong introduces us to Israelis and Palestinians who have been directly affected by a protracted conflict. Reconciliation can be realized only by the efforts of 'ordinary' Israelis and Palestinians,whose lives we see are deeply connected. The Right to Be Wrong is the story of those people.

Rio Arriba
A personal, reflective journey of history, self-discovery and recovery. Filmmaker Ulises de la Orden explores the economic, cultural political impact of European focused monoculture on the land and people of the Andean hillsides of Argentina. De la Ordens grandfather was a manager at a sugar mill that hired Indigenous labourers. He begins by asking what land and lifestyle did the labourers leave in order to work at the mill? Travelling by plane, train, bus, foot and donkey upstream he searches for the answers. Truth and testimony survive atop the Andean steppes. The indigenous descendents of the original mill workers relate stories of land theft, forced labour and cultural loss. Beautifully shot and rhythmically edited with a reflective narrative that measures the loss of habitable, sustainable culture against the material gains of a colossal capital expansion.

Rix Pix
Originally commissioned for a nameless soulless festival at three minutes, the film now circulates as the directors copy. Mossman, and Bunny mix down a track of Jah Children (montreal) to a plethora of unrelated rotoscope imagery. Get the beat and tap your feet neat.

Road Kill
With one murder left to complete the greatest serial killing spree of all time, the South Side Butcher picks an easy target to complete his masterpiece. But chaos becomes inevitable when his final victim turns out to be more of a challenge than he originally expected.

Robinson Crusader
Keith Robinson is in the fight of his life. It is a fight on two fronts. The first is a battle to preserve the privacy of the remote Hawaiian island of Ni'ihau, known to locals as the Forbidden Island. The second and more contentious fight concerns how to best preserve some of the world's rarest plants. Robinson has been credited with significant botanical successes yet he is threatening 'scorched earth' tactics to destroy his years of research as a bitter showdown with US government escalates

Rogue Farm
Rogue Farm is the first adult animation film to be commissioned in the style of Japanese anime by a UK broadcaster and film body. It’s a twenty-four minute sci-fi drama based on a short story by science fiction writer Charles Stross, produced using revolutionary machinima filmmaking techniques. Cora Bissett has seen it and seen the light. She talks to Producer Alan Jenkins on his big ambitions to crack the adult animation market and to expand peoples ideas of what a Scottish film industry can achieve.

The Roosevelt Tree Trailer
2:00 promo/trailer for 'the roosevelt tree; the making of a dream'. One-hour docu-drama following the 3 1/2 year process of struggling to make 'the roosevelt tree', jerry harper's last film performance.

It's now or never as four thirty-something men set out to fulfill their noble - yet misguided - boy band dreams. Personal differences cause precious rehearsal time to tick away as they prepare for the music video shoot of their debut song, 'She's Online (And I'm Outta My Mind).'

This is S.P.I.F. - a Stupid Public Information Film by the Idiot Broadcasting Corporation. A spoof on the black and white public information films of the 50s, SPIF offers a uniquely stiff-upper lip, British view on those dark areas of life previously untouched by these films.

Sabine and Arnold, the directors parents, appear as youths in goegeous studio photos of the period between 1888 and1940. Then WWII changes everything. They manage to get to the NYC and start life over again. Did you chose your parents? Honor them.

Santa's Camels
'Santa's Camels' is a delightful 3d animated holiday tale with a slightly different twist. This charming cast of characters is sure to amuse people of all ages, while the story provides a valuable message for children. The important lesson is of the importance of teamworkl and how life long friendships are often built on the foundation of camaraderie in times of trouble.

Sara Jeanne
This movie is about the last day in the life of Sara Jeanne, an aging prostitute in a military base-side town. Every day, Sara Jeanne hides her wrinkles with heavy make-up, puts on faded worn clothes, and earns her living by selling her body to American soldiers while under the influence of alcohol. However, as a prostitute, she no longer has any place to stand and her life grows more vulnerable to the danger of violence. Now she decides to leave the military base-side town. No, she desperately needs to leave. DIRECTOR'S NOTE Years ago, I read in the newspaper about a prostitute in her 60s who died at the hands of an American soldier in a military base-side town. The article only a blurb, I wrote this sad story after reading about it. Limiting the background of the story to the last day of Sara Jeanne's life, I portrays the irony of life through the coexistence of remorse and beauty/vulgarity in the life of an aging prostitute as she struggles to maintain the tiniest dignity by choosing her own death.

Seal Hunting with Dad
An Inupiaq hunter from Barrow teaches his son how to hunt seals on the frozen Arctic Ocean.

Searching for Sister Gertrude Morgan
Searching For Sister Gertrude Morgan reveals award-winning producer King Britt's journey to New Orleans to deliver the new music of American Folk Art Legend Sister Gertrude Morgan.

Second Banana
A short character animation piece about a young ape that befriends an older crabby ape through an annoying game of mimicry.

Second Sight
This work presents a passage through a mist in which perception is ultimately clarified and sharpened rather than obscured. The computer-generated music of Second Sight features cyclical returns of a nucleus of core ideas, which alternate with a continuous progression of new ideas. The visuals combine direct animation techniques (i.e., painting and etching directly on 35mm motion picture film) with object animation, animated electronic compositions and pen-on-paper drawings. Second Sight is a collaborative animation/music composition, created from concept to realization by the three artists.

Single Bed
A girl. Two cameras. A puppet. A single bed.A few cups of coffee. A nightmare within a nightmare. A strange visitor. A time loop with unexpected outcome.

Sipho and Joyce
Sipho, a 12 year-old boy, and his sister Joyce, 15; the only remaining members of their small family farm. AIDS claimed their parents and older brother. The disease may yet separate the children. A sad story but with hope.

A woman struggles over a love that is not hers to keep.

Evan and Bradley Strathford make their way through the decadence and filth of Los Angeles for a birthday celebration. During the night, they experience life on both sides of the ecomomic and racial divide; as the older teaches the younger about life in the real world. When innocence suffers at the hands of the corrupt, what price must be paid to become a man?

Smartcard is a story about a man who realizes that his perfect automated life is not in his control, but the corporation that created the system. After the discovery, does he have the will left to escape?

Solar Kaffi
Solar Coffee

Every year the people of the eastern Fjords celebrate the first rays of light that reach over the mountaintops by drinking loads of coffee.

Sonny Joe & the Casino
The Mohawk Council of Kahnawake promotes a land-based Casino for the community, near Montreal, Canada. Sonny Joe Cross leads the opposition.

Space Thing
'Space Thing' is a black and white collage of moving imagery inspired by, and featuring, the electronic music of 'Manherringbone', fronted by Bob Saunders. Ignoring any narrative structure, the moody, fragmented images recall the flavor of old memories.

Spam-ku: I won a haiku contest about spam
A self-identified loser whose luck appears to have changed, wins a haiku contest about Spam. But his lavish prize carries an unexpectedly heavy price.

Special People
Jasper is a film maker on the verge of a nervous breakdown whose latest project on top of a mountain with a cynical bunch of diasbled kids might just push him over the edge.

Stand By Me
TV news announces that Mr. Ronald Reagan has died from Alzheimer's disease. The mother, who has never fully recovered from the effects of a cerebral hemorrhage, cries because she thinks that she will die like him. While the daughter is trying to call and check in on her mother, the mother doesn't answer, making the daughter very nervous. The daughter rushes back home. DIRECTOR'S NOTE This film is a story based upon the communication between my mother and myself after my mother became handicapped by the effects of a cerebral hemorrhage (My mother also plays herself in this film.) If it were not for illness and difficulties in life, we could not be reminded of how precious the time is that we have. Happiness is not always perfection, but sometimes happiness is also the journey to understanding. This film expresses my own journey with my mother.

Stoopid Movie!!!
Very rarely does a film come along, which is so compelling and emotionally moving that it effects generations of viewers to reconsider the very way in which they live their lives; evoking social change and making the world a better place in which to live. This is not that rare film.

When a stranger suddenly appears in a remote western town, one cowboy decides to give him the what-for...

The Superciliary Corporation has a product for YOU. Order if you can stop laughing!

Surley Squirrel
A starving park squirrel and rat come across a discarded pizza slice. The duo's greed disrupts the natural order of the park. Simultaneously, across the street from the park, a bank heist is taking place in the human world. The two worlds collide in an uproarious escape for both rodents and bank robbers alike. The story culminates in a full on car chase with police and park animals in hot pursuit. The pigeons save the day, restoring order to both worlds, for now…

The tell tale heart
'The Tell-Tale Heart' is a psychological portrait of a mad narrator.A murderer who can not stop hearing his victim's relentless heartbeat.

An act of kindness leads a little girl on a beautiful journey of discovery.

A Thousand Roads
A Thousand Roads is a widescreen, panhemispheric journey into the world of four contemporary Native Americans whose lives take a significant turn as they confront the crises that arise in a single day. A young Inupiat girl, a Navajo gangbanger, a Mohawk stockbroker, and a Quechuan healer journey through the epic landscapes of Alaska, New Mexico, Manhattan, and Peru, drawing strength from their tribal past to transcend the challenges of the day and embrace the promises that await them.

To A Man With A Big Nose
The film is a visual adaptation of a poem by Spanish author Quevedo. A frustrated little man is unable to get rid of his disproportionally big nose, which comes to life and decides to go on a strange journey, dragging the poor little man along. Through this surreal trip the man -and his nose- will experiment a series of tranformations and change of environments: from a swordfish in the depths of the sea to a monumental Sphynx in the Egyptian desert.

Todo el mundo tiene algo
Everyone's got something

Five friends hang out in their regular bar. Unfulfilled dreams, thirty years old and nothing achieved. Will it be another boring and uneventful night? For sure...

Triple Threat
Triple Threat is a video triptych/short film focusing on the relationship of an abusive and apathetic couple searching for their desires through late night infomercials, animated cartoons, and soap operas.

Le Troisieme Monde
Another World tells the incredible story of two young men. Jeremy a sailor and Sebastien an oarsman. They set forth from the island of La Gomera on one of the most difficult sporting events in the world, crossing the Atlantic in a row boat.

A young businessman, disillusioned with his life and bored by his surroundings, mysteriously finds himself in the desert. After making his way back to civilization, and encountering a handful of local personalities, the man decides to abandon his former life and reinvent himself as the owner of a junkyard in a ghost town. When his initial euphoria subsides, loneliness and boredom compel him to seek out company. In a nearby town he meets a waitress and her brother, who introduce him to a circle of desert misfits. A desperate night of excess with the group leaves the man faced with a choice between the desolate desert or the desolate city. Alternately introspective, vulgar and comedic, Trona draws inspiration from the landscape and the people of the Mojave Desert. Junkyards, structures and abandoned landscapes are all characters in their own right, playing opposite the quiet, mustached protagonist.

The Truth: Myriad Perspectives
What is truth? This summer six aspiring high school filmmakers dared to answer this daunting question through poetic verse and image. The resulting poem video supershorts explore everything from blue bananas to the power of wonder. Their works are provocative, whimsical, humorous, and humble.

Tuffy Low-low
A week after his father's funeral, after putting his life on hold for a year to become to act as full-time caregiver, Brian 'Tuffy' Curtis is forced to face a grim reality. A series of events threatens to destroy what's left of his family unless he's willing to do the unthinkable to get his life back on track. He commits a crime.