Sara Jeanne
Korea - 35 minutes
This movie is about the last day in the life of Sara Jeanne, an aging prostitute in a military base-side town. Every day, Sara Jeanne hides her wrinkles with heavy make-up, puts on faded worn clothes, and earns her living by selling her body to American soldiers while under the influence of alcohol. However, as a prostitute, she no longer has any place to stand and her life grows more vulnerable to the danger of violence. Now she decides to leave the military base-side town. No, she desperately needs to leave. DIRECTOR'S NOTE Years ago, I read in the newspaper about a prostitute in her 60s who died at the hands of an American soldier in a military base-side town. The article only a blurb, I wrote this sad story after reading about it. Limiting the background of the story to the last day of Sara Jeanne's life, I portrays the irony of life through the coexistence of remorse and beauty/vulgarity in the life of an aging prostitute as she struggles to maintain the tiniest dignity by choosing her own death.
Taste of Busan - Korean Short Films


Screening at:
8:00 pm Sunday 12/4
Totem 8 Theatres


Seong-sook KIM


Date Completed:

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