Surley Squirrel
Canada - 11 minutes
A starving park squirrel and rat come across a discarded pizza slice. The duo's greed disrupts the natural order of the park. Simultaneously, across the street from the park, a bank heist is taking place in the human world. The two worlds collide in an uproarious escape for both rodents and bank robbers alike. The story culminates in a full on car chase with police and park animals in hot pursuit. The pigeons save the day, restoring order to both worlds, for now…
Films For Fun


Screening at:
12:00 pm Sunday 12/11
Fireweed - Festhouse 1

1:00 pm Saturday 12/3
Bear Tooth Theatre


Peter Lepeniatis

Prenay Patel

Pantaloons Prod/DKP Studios

Date Completed:
April 2005 

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