Rio Arriba
Argentina - 78 minutes
A personal, reflective journey of history, self-discovery and recovery. Filmmaker Ulises de la Orden explores the economic, cultural political impact of European focused monoculture on the land and people of the Andean hillsides of Argentina. De la Ordens grandfather was a manager at a sugar mill that hired Indigenous labourers. He begins by asking what land and lifestyle did the labourers leave in order to work at the mill? Travelling by plane, train, bus, foot and donkey upstream he searches for the answers. Truth and testimony survive atop the Andean steppes. The indigenous descendents of the original mill workers relate stories of land theft, forced labour and cultural loss. Beautifully shot and rhythmically edited with a reflective narrative that measures the loss of habitable, sustainable culture against the material gains of a colossal capital expansion.
Rio Arriba


Screening at:
6:00 pm Monday 12/5
Anchorage Museum


Ulises De la Orden

Juan De la Orden, Ulises De la Orden


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