Caught on Filme december 2-11, 2005
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Cast and Crew

Special thanks to Pamela Thompson for photographs of all five years of the festival. Her website is

Chair, AIFF Executive Committee
SJ Klein
Programming Department Head
Tony Sheppard
(907) 338-3690
Programming - Documentaries Leads
Ryan Olson
Programming - Shorts Leads
Karen Larsen & SJ Klein
Programming - Super Shorts Lead
Andrew Enders
Programming- Animation Lead
Programming- "SnowDance" Alaskan Submissions Lead
Laura Spaan
Events Department Head
Danielle Evans
P/R Department Head/National/Web
Aliza Sherman Risdahl
P/R Regional
Brian Lepley
P/R Alaska/Specialty Pubs
Alex De Marban
Media Credentialing
Amber Clayman
Visiting Filmmakers/Industry
Mary Katzke (907) 677-7970
Volunteer Coordination
Nancy Miles
Website Development
Mike Robinson
Operations/ Technical Crew
David Molletti & Pat Donnelly
Development Department Head
Bob Curtis-Johnson